M&M Contractors are already a leading service
provider across Ireland. And we’re still growing.


Innovation can be described as ‘the successful exploitation of new ideas’ and is often visualised in terms of design or technical achievement. True innovation does not happen haphazardly or sporadically; it is accomplished consistently and systematically, and is developed by a team who are accepting of new ideas and contributions from its members to enable and ensure benefits to the project.

At M&M we look outside and inside for insights, ideas and improvements to help us find ways to meet our goals. Our innovation and Best Practice team continually challenge our processes and methods to ensure we are at the forefront of our industry & we’re always looking for partners that share our vision, values and pursuit of excellence to help us move innovation forward.


Whilst our ethos reflects M&M today, it’s important to us to prioritize future-minded strategy over short-term opportunism. We have a proud civil engineering history stretching back 4 decades however we want to be the trusted partner for providing services, delivering infrastructure and creating places that bring lasting benefits to our customers and the communities in which we live and work.

To fuel this drive for continuous improvement, our team is focused on research, development and the deployment of leading-edge best practices, Lean processes and technologies to help us deliver higher quality, more efficient and cost-effective solutions to open up whole new markets all over the world.


Earning a great business reputation requires a finely tuned combination of several ingredients. From the Senior Management Teams to the supply chain, we are passionate about building your trust and putting our expertise and knowledge to work to create long term value for you.

Every product has an inevitable life cycle, that’s why at M&M we believe diversification is the result of natural business progression; for us it’s never too early to focus on extending and broadening our product ranges or repackaging existing products to boost sales for new markets.