Civil Engineering CASE STUDIES

Donabate Cable Landing Site

The Rockaill project (also know as Super Highway 1) is a new combination of submarine cable and terrestrial links that connect Dublin to London and Lowestoft, on the eastern coast of the UK. The fibre network is a duct and dark fibre infrastructure system using a ultra-low-loss fibre to reduce cost per bit, while the system route meets the needs of Clients who want to transport multiple terabits of traffic.

M&M undertook the construction of the Cable Landing Site, Fronthaul Ducting, Beach Manhole and Cabling from the Subsea Landing at Portrane to the Landing Station Building in Donabate

The works involved:

  • Beach manhole construction
  • Seaward ducting for the subsea cable by HDD
  • Cable Landing Station Site Preparation including:
  • Clearing / Site Grading as required
  • Blockwork Walls with stone cladding
  • Reinforced Concrete Base Foundation
  • Ramps/Stairways
  • Decorative Fencing
  • Ducting and PoP up connections
  • Cable Pulling Chambers
  • Electrical Services –ESB connection and erection of CT cabinets
  • Grounding and Earthing Protection
  • Landscaping Works
  • Attendances for the prefabricated cabin landing
  • Cabling works from the Beach Manhole to the Landing Station Building

    5 Months

    January 2020