Multi Utility CASE STUDIES


M&M were responsible for the implementation of a Passive Network Infrastructure comprising of dedicated PVC 110mm/125mm/Subducts communications fibre network wiring ways complete with all manholes & junction boxes to STELLIUM Datacentre DC1 in Cobalt Business Park. The creation of the Passive Network Access facilitated the installation of the fibre cable and integral 3kV power supply for the subsea network.

The route selected was 9.7km long travelling public roads and bridleways and Cobalt Business Park.

The works involved:

  • M&M undertaking all CDM responsibilities of design and construction for the duration of the project.
  • Trial hole excavations
  • Open cut installation. The open cut trench width of 385mm is required for the installation of a 3-way duct bundle.
  • Carriageway Chamber Type 2 (pulling chamber) at a maximum of 250m apart or at changes in direction.
  • Transmission/Fibre Splicing Chambers at a maximum of 2000m apart (unless otherwise specified).
  • All Chambers where placed off road when possible for accessibility.
  • Security covers fitted to all chambers.
  • Installation of a 2-Way subduct across the compete build.

    4 Months

    June 2019